Prime Promises

At Prime Financial Credit Union, we promise to:

    • Share knowledge and experience through financial products, services and education
    • Adhere to the Credit Union Mantra of “people helping people”
    • Demonstrate the value of member ownership
    • Build lifelong relationships by focusing on member’s needs
    • Offer personalized, innovated products and convenient services to help members’ achieve financial success
    • Create a successful environment by embracing the diversity and inclusion of our membership and staff

To Our Members...

June 17th, 2020

Recent events that were uniformly senseless, unjust, and tragic and resulted in the unnecessary deaths of Black Americans have been made clear, and open to, not only the citizens of our nation, but also to a watching world. These events and the resulting civil strife that has spread across our nation have left terrible wounds on the Black community.

In consideration of these events, Prime Financial Credit Union’s management and board of directors felt it an imperative to communicate the credit union’s position on the issues of social and economic justice. It is the credit union’s position that in the wake of several tragic and extremely inflammatory video clips and news accounts that have recently been beamed into millions of homes around the world, the legitimacy of the chorus calling for the end of structural racial inequality and law enforcement reform cannot be truthfully minimized or ignored. We unequivocally and unreservedly reject racism, prejudice, intolerance, and injustice. We enthusiastically support equality in all of its forms.

It is a given that credit unions can play an important role in supporting our diverse communities and fostering a credit union culture that deeply values and respects diversity and inclusion. This moment in time has caused Prime Financial to engage in profound introspection and we will not accept our shortcomings. We can and will do better. We are committed to being a more diverse and inclusive credit union and we recognize that building a more fair and just society will take sheer moral courage and sacrifice from all of us. Going forward, we will strive to exhibit that sheer moral courage and make that sacrifice in the interest of our members, our staff, and our community.

Finally, it is important that we mention that Prime Financial has always aimed to provide a wide array of services to any person regardless of race, ethnicity, or station in life. We make conscious and diligent efforts to identify and address the specific needs of our community. We’ve developed and executed financial services-related initiatives for immigrant communities. And, we’ve attached great value to each and every member of our diverse staff. However, more is required and we will say again, “We can and will do better.”

- From the desk of Eric Moore, Board of Director and Retired MPD Captain, and unanimously approved by the Board of Directors and Christine Moczynski, President & CEO.