Money management is an important life skill many wish they had learned when they were younger. Get a head start on developing good financial behavior with one of our Kids Club programs.

Cash's kids club

Join the Cash's Kids Club to make learning about money fun and hands-on.

This exclusive club for members under the age of 12 makes the concept of money both simple to understand for youngsters and rewarding for parents and guardians. Pass down this critical skill to the next generation!

Club Benefits

  • First $5 on Us - We'll deposit the $5 membership deposit into the Share Savings account to start membership.
  • Earn Paw Points with a Cash Card - Earn Paw Points and track progress with a handy Cash Card. Earn points by making a deposit of more than $10.00 (one point per visit). Or earn additional points up to 4 times per year for good grades. Bring in your report card and receive a point for A's and B's, up to five (5) points per report card. Minor account holder must be present to earn points.
  • Birthday Bucks - Receive a birthday card in the mail the month before their birthday along with a gift certificate for a $10 deposit. Bring this gift certificate to any PFCU branch to redeem deposit. Minor account holder must be present at time of deposit.
  • Parents Earn Too1 - With Parent Centives, custodians of this account can enjoy 0.20% APR Relationship Discount for auto loans, not to exceed maximum total of 1.00% APR in Relationship Discounts AND a one-time 0.20% rate increase for Share Certificates opened within the first 60 days of club account opening.

Interested in opening a Cash's Kids Club? Get started by completing a contact form or call 414.486.4500.

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Meet Cash the Saint Bernard

Cash is a playful, lovable and loyal Saint Bernard here to encourage good financial habits and smart money decisions. He knows the importance of saving. He collects his weekly allowance in his piggy bank and brings it with him wherever he goes. When his bank gets full, he stops by a local PFCU branch to make a deposit, earning himself Paw Points. Cash loves to see your money grow!