Account Basics

How much do I have to deposit to become a member?

Member owners share in the credit union's governance. A membership share in the amount of $5.00 must be maintained.

Is there a minimum balance requirement?

Accounts may have a required minimum balance in order to earn dividends or to receive benefits. Please refer to the Truth-in-Savings Disclosure and Fee Schedule for more information.

What is Prime Financial’s routing number?


Does Prime Financial maintain federal deposit insurance similar to banks?

Yes, your money is secure! Accounts are Federally insured by NCUA to $250,000.

How can I request a change of address?

For added security, address change requests cannot be processed online. Return the completed Change of Address form via email, fax (at 414.486.4597), or branch location.

Can I reorder checks online?

Yes, order checks fast with just a few clicks with our check printing provider. Order new checks now.  

Is there a notary public available?

Yes, several members of our team maintain their Wisconsin Notary Public Commission. Members will visit a branch location for this free service.

I’d like to give Prime Financial permission to disclose my account information to a third party. What are the next steps?

Ensuring the security and protection of member assets is a top priority; therefore, Prime Financial will require a written request, along with a signature, prior to releasing account information.

Become a Member

Can I open a membership account?

Yes, absolutely anyone is eligible to join Prime Financial Credit Union. Join a community with over 2.5 million members across 165 Wisconsin credit unions, totaling over $27 billion in assets! Take the next steps to open your account.

Open an Account

How will you verify my identity?

When you open an account, we will ask for your name, address, date of birth and other information that will allow us to identify you. We may request your driver’s license and other identifying documents, such as proof of address.


Debit or Credit…Which one should I choose at the checkout?

Using your ATM/Debit Card is a convenient, secure alternative to cash. After swiping your card, you’re left with a choice to select ‘debit’ or ‘credit’. Debit requires you to enter your PIN. The payment will be immediately withdrawn with the option to receive cash back from your checking account. Credit requires your signature. The transaction is processed through Visa’s network with additional liability protection.

Why isn’t my ATM/Debit or Credit Card working?

This answer might require additional troubleshooting.

Potentially, your card could have been "warmed." This occurs when we are unable to verify the authenticity of suspicious transactions. Be proactive and inform Prime Financial with changes to your contact information!

How do I report a lost or stolen ATM/Debit or Credit Card?

If you suspect that your card has been compromised, contact Prime Financial locally at 414.486.4500 or toll free at 800.835.9680. If your call is after business hours, call 800.523.4175 for ATM/Debit or 800.449.7728 for Credit Cards.

I’m traveling… Should I notify Prime Financial?

Yes, ensuring that your travels are free of financial burden is our priority. When locations experience a high amount of fraud, they are often restricted. Upon notification, limitations will be lifted to ensure ease of transaction processing world-wide.

How do I reset my PIN?

Your PIN (Personal Identification Number) provides an extra layer of account security. For a PIN reissue, contact Prime Financial locally at 414.486.4500 or toll free at 800.835.9680. ATM/Debit Card PIN personalization is available by visiting a branch location.

Do I have access to view Credit Card transactions?

Yes, you can access your account anytime through online banking. Cardholders have access to transaction details, payment options, and custom alerts. Need to speak to a representative after business hours? Call 855.584.2955.

Credit Reports

Does my credit report matter?

Definitely! Credit reports may affect your mortgage rates, credit card approvals, apartment requests or even your job application. Visit to obtain a free copy of your credit report every 12 months from each credit reporting agency.

Prime Employer Program (PEP)

What is PEP?

Credit Unions serve people who share a common bond like an employer. Prime Financial currently maintains a partnership with employers such as the City of Milwaukee, County of Milwaukee and MPS. Employers add a valuable asset to their benefit program with no added costs.

Does PEP have employee benefits?

Yes and the benefits exceed standard direct deposit! Prime Financial offers free educational workshops and one-on-one support to promote sound financial decision making. Our goal is to help families remain financially independent. In addition, employees receive perks such as early payroll access and competitive investment and loan rates.


Where is the nearest ATM?

Wisconsin credit unions give back by offering over 30,000 ‘no fee’ ATMS and 5,000 ‘no fee’ branches for members through cooperative, nationwide shared branching networks. Visit to find an ATM and to find branch near you.

Am I able to transfer money to another financial institution?

Yes, a Wire Transfer will transfer funds outside of Prime Financial. If the owner is the same on both accounts, the request can be processed via phone at 414.486.4500 or toll free at 800.835.9680. If the transfer is occurring from one account owner to another, for your security, the request must be made in-branch. Be sure to request your funds transfer early in the day to ensure a same-day deposit!


Can I make my loan payment early?

Unfortunately, it might be better to wait. Payments made 30 days prior to the next due date will be applied as principal only. As a result, the payment will not be credited toward the subsequent month; your due date will not advance.

What is the grace period to make a payment?

Reference your loan note for specific terms. Typically, this period is 10 days after the payment due date.

I’m facing unemployment, furlough, or temporary job loss… Can you help?

Roughly one-third of Americans live paycheck to paycheck with little to no emergency savings. Products, such as Member Privilege and Unsecured Loans, are available during periods of hardship. Member Privilege is an overdraft protection program which clears your “bounced checks” (up to $1,000) in a financial emergency. Unsecured Loans, for example a $500.00 EZPay Loan, are available for unexpected personal needs.

In addition, Prime Financial will not only help members purchase, but also keep their home. When possible, refinancing or other steps will be taken to avoid foreclosure.

Prime Online

How do I set up Online Banking?

Establishing your Online Banking account is easy. Download the Prime Online App on your Apple (App Store®) or Android (Google Play) mobile device to get started.

I’m unable to log into Online Banking. For example, I do not recognize the security questions and/or my password is reading as invalid.

This is definitely frustrating; technology has its downfalls! We hope there is an easy, quick fix. If you are unsure of your security question answer, simply click the link entitled “email me a bypass code”. If this doesn’t do the trick, please contact the Member Support Center at 414.486.4500. For your security, we must undergo a few additional steps.

How frequently must I set a new password for Online Banking?

For increased account protection, you will be prompted to update your Online Banking password a minimum of once per year. In addition, you may elect to update your password at any time. While logged in, select the “Options” tab; then select “Security Settings”.

Am I able to make a loan payment from another financial institution?

Unfortunately, we are unable to accept payments from an outside account. The good news is that this capability is in progress!  At this time, members often choose to initiate a payment transfer with their outside financial institution.

I'd like to link multiple accounts on Online Banking. Is that possible?

Yes, accounts with shared ownership may be linked for your convenience. As a security measure, we will ask you to complete and sign a request form. If you’re near a branch location, please visit us so that we may verify your identity in-person. Contact the Member Support Team at 414.486.4500 or

Am I able to view previous account statements on Online Banking?

EStatements is the most useful source in viewing official monthly statements. However, you may view your account history in Online Banking. Under the “Accounts” tab, select “Advanced History”. Then, select the date range and accounts you wish to view.

Are copies of my checks accessible on Online Banking?

Unfortunately, no; check images are stored securely. Contact the Member Support Team at 414.486.4500 or

I'd like to view pending transactions. Are these purchases viewable on Online Banking?

A combined total of pending transactions, absent of details, will appear on Online Banking. If specific transaction details will better assist in account balancing, log into your Mobile Banking application or contact the Member Support Team at 414.486.4500.

Prime Mobile

How do I set up Prime Mobile?

Establishing your Online Banking account is just a few clicks away. Click here to get started!

The Prime Mobile application has been downloaded. What is my password?

To minimize the confusion of multiple passwords, your Prime Online and Prime Mobile passwords are the same.

What is my PIN? This is required to complete the Prime Mobile registration process.

Upon initial login, a PIN will be automatically generated. Users may retrieve this one-time security PIN via email. This safeguard authenticates that you initiated the mobile login, and permits your electronic device account access.

I’m unable to log into my Prime Mobile application. Please help!

The inability to access your account can cause headaches. For your security, we must undergo a few additional steps. Please contact the Member Support Center at 414.486.4500.

In using Mobile Deposit, will there be a hold on my check(s)?

Getting money in your hands is our priority! Therefore, $200.00 of each check deposit will be accessible immediately. Once we have verified the authenticity and accuracy of the check, the remaining funds will be released.

Am I able to transfer money to another Prime Financial member using Prime Mobile?

Yes, transferring is easy! Choose that you wish to transfer to “Another Member’s Share”. Then, enter the Account Number, Share ID and Amount. It’s that simple!

Am I able to access multiple accounts on the Prime Mobile application?

Yes, accounts with shared ownership may be linked for your convenience. Your mobile device can be authorized to access up to two (2) membership accounts.


How do I sign up for electronic statements?

Signing up takes a few short minutes! Click here to complete the form.