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Transfer credit card balances, loan balances, and other debts to your Prime Platinum Credit Card and enjoy a single, easy-to-remember monthly payment.

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Send us a message in Prime Online or the Prime Mobile App with the subject “Visa Balance Transfer Request”. Visit us on Prime Online or the Prime Mobile App and send a message with the subject "Visa Balance Transfer Request".

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A representative can also help you start the transfer process at your local branch. We welcome you to call ahead to schedule an appointment or stop by when it's most convenient for you.


Our Member Service Representatives are local and ready to assist you. Call us at 414.486.4500 to learn more about your balance transfer options or to start the transfer process.

The values provided in this calculator are for illustrative purposes only. Actual interest rates, payments, and savings may vary.

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Consolidate Debt
Single Monthly Payment
Low Interest Rates

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"Prime succeeds where most banks fail with their great member service, minimal fees, excellent loan rates and their loan processing team."