Credit Card Rewards

Earn rewards for everyday purchases made with your Prime Platinum Credit Card

Features & Benefits

Gift Cards
Cash Back1

Earn 1 point for every dollar spent, and redeem your points for great rewards!2

View & Redeem Points

You can check your CU Rewards® points balance in Prime Online and the Prime Mobile App (click "View Transactions" by your card account).

Earn More Points

Log in to Prime Online or the Prime Mobile App to access the CU Rewards® Mall (click "View Transactions" by your card account). When you shop in the Rewards Mall, you can earn additional points by redeeming special offers:

  • Online Offers: See a retailer you'd like to shop with in the CU Rewards Mall? Click the "Shop" button to visit the retailer's website and redeem your offer. To redeem your offer, you must use the link on the CU Rewards Mall website.
  • In-Store Offers: You can visit the CU Rewards Mall to view in-store offers redeemable for more points on your next shopping trip.
  • Activatable Offers: Click the "Activate" button on select offers to add them to your Prime Platinum
Member Story

"Prime succeeds where most banks fail with their great member service, minimal fees, excellent loan rates and their loan processing team."

1: Available with cash back card. Cash is redeemable in $50 increments; 5,000 points =$50 cash.
2: Earn one (1) CU Rewards point for every $1 spent (net after returns).