With the PFCU MyCard App, you can manage your Prime Financial credit and debit cards nearly anywhere! Use the MyCard App to:

  •          See account details
  •          Track reward points (credit only)
  •          View 90 days of transaction history
  •          Create spending alerts
  •          Establish spending limits & restrictions
  •          Schedule & submit payments (credit only)
  •          Report a card lost/stolen
  •          Turn a card on/off
  •          File a transaction dispute (coming soon!)
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Frequently Asked Questions

Will the MyCard App replace the Prime Mobile App I currently using for online banking? 

No. The MyCard App is designed to provide members with enhanced card management features, but it doesn't replace the Prime Mobile App you already use for online banking.

How will I log in to the MyCard App?

You'll need to enroll and create an account. Once enrolled, you can activate biometric login on supported devices to use your face or fingerprint to log in with ease. 

IMPORTANT: Your MyCard App username and password are not linked to your online banking username and password. Changes made to login credentials on one app will not affect the credentials for the other.