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What is a Credit Rebuilder Loan?

A Credit Rebuilder Loan is an unsecured loan, which means you don't have to pledge any collateral when you apply.

What can I use a Credit Rebuilder Loan for?

When you're approved for a Credit Rebuilder Loan, your funds will be distributed directly to the lenders and collectors you instruct us to pay.

How does a Credit Rebuilder Loan help build credit?

A Credit Rebuilder helps members take control of their debt and begin building healthy credit habits. A Credit Rebuilder Loan can help by:

  • Consolidating Debt: It can be difficult to track multiple due dates from different lenders. A Credit Rebuilder Loan can be used to pay off some or all of your debts, meaning you'll have fewer payments to keep track of.
  • Paying Collections: An unpaid collection account can have a greater negative impact on your credit than a paid collection account. Using a Credit Rebuilder Loan to pay a collection account shows a good faith effort to correct your finances.

By organizing your debt and correcting negative marks on your credit reports, a Credit Rebuilder Loan can help you build better credit with full, on-time payments.

Rates, Terms & Payments

With rates as low as 28.00% APR1 and terms up to 24 months, you have options for finding the perfect monthly payment for your budget.
Term Months APR1 As Low As Payment Per $1,0002
Up to 24 28.00% $54.92
Effective Date: June 26, 2024
1: Payment per $1,000 based on maximum term allowed for each stated rate.
2: APR=Annual Percentage Rate.


Apply for a Credit Rebuilder Loan Today!

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1: APR=Annual Percentage Rate.
2: Payment per $1,000 based on maximum term allowed for each stated rate.